Becky Lynch Reportedly Pulled From WWE Survivor Series

After her bloody escapade on Raw, the WWE Universe couldn't wait to see Becky Lynch this Sunday at Survivor Series. But now, that's reportedly not going to happen.

According to Fightful, Lynch suffered a broken nose and concussion during the Raw vs. SmackDown scrum Monday night and has officially been ruled out for Survivor Series. WWE has yet to release a statement or make new plans for Ronda Rousey, Lynch's scheduled opponent.

The comes as quite the let down as Lynch appeared to have a career-defining moment on Raw. Battered and bloodied, WWE camera caught a few iconic shots of a victorious Lynch, further adding to her near-transcendental hot streak. Social media buzzed about Lynch's intoxicating Raw performance and anticipation for her match with Rousey had officially peaked. It's possible Lynch could have worked through a broken nose, but WWE maintains a rigid concussion protocol, and that's why we won't be seeing Lynch fight on Sunday.

Fightful also confirmed that Lynch's injuries came from an errant punch from Nia Jax. The Internet is already piling on Jax for her mistake, but we've been through this debate before. Injuries happen in WWE; it may be miraculous that broken noses aren't a more common occurrence. It's no fun that Lynch is injured, but chastising Jax for her error certainly isn't helping much.

Regardless of finger-pointing, Lynch's injury comes at an objectively bad time. Even though it was just a non-title bout, a Survivor Series match with Ronda Rousey was the biggest opportunity of Lynch's career. Even more, Lynch is unequivocally WWE's hottest Superstar at the moment, and her being scratched from the card truly hurts Survivor Series' firepower.


We'll guess WWE finds a stand-in for Lynch, but it's possible WWE scraps Rousey's singles match. Instead, she may be added to the Raw Women's Survivor Series team. Still in the infant stages of her wrestling career, Rousey likely had much of her match with Lynch already mapped out. But with WWE being forced to yank Lynch, Rousey may not have enough time to get the steps down with a new dancing partner.