New Rap Song Inspired By Booker T Now Available

Booker T can now add "inspiration for a rap song" to his career accolades. On Thanksgiving, a new album dropped by Puerto Rican rap star Bad Buddy. One of the tracks on the disc is titled "Booker T" and is in fact inspired by the former multi-time world champion. The final line of the song even features Booker's signature line, as it ends with "Can you dig it, Sucka?"

Another part of the song features the lines (translated via Wrestling Inc.) "I'm at my peak/And I'm going to keep being MVP/I'm a king, champion, Booker T..."

Booker T was quoted in the Houston Chronicle talking about the song. He acknowledged that Bad Bunny contacted him about the song.

"He was one of the kids growing up that was doing the Spinnarooni and scissor kicking somebody," Booker said. "That's what was so cool about it, it was organic. He was a fan of mine, I'm a fan of the new generation. It just lets me know where I've gone in my career and how many people I've touched along the way. I might not know all the words, but I feel the vibe and I definitely dig the record."


This isn't the first time that Bad Bunny has drawn a connection to the wrestling industry. His track "¿Quién Tu Eres?" back in December 2019 featured "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

You can check out the Booker T below. As of press time, it has just over 6.5 million views in just four days.