Braun Strowman Advertised as 'Honorary Shield Member' for Upcoming WWE Shows

Dean Ambrose may be leaving WWE next month, but that won't keep Vince McMahon & Co. from using The [...]

Dean Ambrose may be leaving WWE next month, but that won't keep Vince McMahon & Co. from using The Shield to make money.

Every May, WWE takes a long trip to Europe, and this year's tour is advertising Braun Strowman as an "Honorary Shield Member" for a show in Paris. In 2017 WWE once plugged Kurt Angle into an identical role to replace a measled and mumped Roman Reigns. However, WWE did that under time-sensitive circumstances, and Strowman's inclusion is clearly premeditated.

So does this mean Strowman is now a Shield guy? Considering how much WWE likes to role out the Hounds of Justice, we can't put it past them to simply replace Ambrose like he's a bass guitarist. However, we'll guess this is just a one-off that guarantees fans in Paris a memory with the Van Hagar version of The Shield.

However, Strowman's inclusion marks the continuation of an ongoing trend. While he hasn't achieved much in the ring lately, WWE is doing their best to keep the Monster Among Men relevant. His feud with SNL's Colin Jost being the most obvious example, and one that will likely lead to Strowman making an appearance on Weekend Update.

A year ago, we were all willing to bet that Strowman would be a great bet to headline WrestleMania 35 — likely winning his first Universal Championship. However, there's a decent chance he doesn't even have a match on April 7.

It's hard to say what exactly caused Strowman to get off course, but since Reigns announced his leukemia diagnosis in October, things have been pretty crazy. With Reign leaving, WWE was forced to a toss out plans that had been five years in the making and reboot their entire main event picture. This started with re-installing Brock Lesnar as Universal Champion.


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