Former WWE Superstar Teased in Bray Wyatt's SmackDown Vignette

Bray Wyatt is back, and he might be bringing some familiar faces with him. Following his grand return at WWE Extreme Rules, Wyatt appeared on WWE SmackDown to cut an impassioned promo. Wyatt started the segment by addressing that he was sharing a side of himself that he had never shown before, and went on to open up about some of the hardships he faced in his personal life. The promo started somber but quickly turned hopeful once Wyatt thanked the fans for lifting him back up and helping him rediscover his self-confidence. Wyatt's optimism would be short-lived, however, as he would be cut off by a masked man on the tron. While the man's face was not shown and his voice was distorted, it's worth noting that the mask was the same one that Wyatt wore at Extreme Rules.

During this vignette, the masked man belittled Wyatt as flashes of various horror images popped up on screen. While most of those images seemed to be standard scary footage, one clip was recycled from a past Wyatt promo.

(Photo: WWE)

This image was first seen in an October 2014 vignette, one which featured Wyatt allowing then-stablemate Erick Rowan to be "set free." Rowan went on to have a babyface singles run and aligned himself with Team Cena at WWE Survivor Series, while Wyatt set his sights on Dean Ambrose. Rowan's amicable exit from The Wyatt Family in Fall 2014 would only last roughly a year, as the trio would reunite in 2015.

Wyatt and Rowan went their separate ways in 2017, with the former pursuing singles feuds while the latter reunited with Luke Harper to form the Bludgeon Brothers tag team. Rowan was released from his WWE contract in April 2020. He would make sporadic appearances for All Elite Wrestling but never signed a full-time contract with that promotion.

This image parallel is the first blatant tease of Rowan's return to WWE and anticipated reunion with Wyatt. With Extreme Rules bringing the Firefly Funhouse puppets to life, many are expecting the five characters to be revealed as wrestlers in a new Wyatt-led stable. Names rumored to be among the WYATT 6 ranks include NXT stars Joe Gacy and Grayson Waller, main roster stars Alexa Bliss and Liv Morgan, and former WWE stars like Bo Dallas and Rowan himself.

Stay tuned to for updates on the WYATT 6.