Bruce Prichard Recaps a Wild Brock Lesnar Backstage Story

Backstage stories involving Brock Lesnar are always wild, and Bruce Prichard's latest offering from a recent Q&A session was no exception. Prichard was asked why he had a black eye in a particular photo, explaining he got it when Lesnar kicked a wall in his face while up in Nova Scotia. He said, "We finished up a shoot and the folks that had constructed the wall, hadn't constructed it very well and were in the process of trying to get Brock out of this room that had started to collapse and Brock didn't feel like waiting. He started moving walls on his own. When he did, that said wall came crashing into my face. Broke my nose in three places, shattered my orbital."

"I flew from Nova Scotia to New York so I could get out of Canada and get home quicker, but I went to a Canadian emergency room," he continued. "They don't give me anything for pain or give me a lot of advice on what to do or not to do. They stitched me up, because we didn't know when I left the building if my eye was there. They sent me on my way, I get on a plane, fly to New York, didn't have any issues. Go to the hotel, took a shower, I might have tried to blow my nose. Everything shot out then, my orbital completely exploded and my nose pretty much caved in. I had to go to the airport, I'm walking through the airport, I don't realize this because I can't feel my face, it's pretty much numb, I don't realize I'm bleeding out of my eye and it's streaming down the side of my face. I got a bag, filled it up with ice, and I'm walking through the airport with the cleaning bag on my head with ice. I feel the ice dripping, I think it's water not knowing it's mixing with the blood. 

Prichard wrapped up the story by saying, "I get on the plane and they were freaked out. I called a friend, 'I need you to get me a neurosurgeon and I need to see a doctor as soon as I land because I'm pretty messed up.' The neurosurgeon calls me back, while I'm in the air, and says, 'Whatever you do, stay where you are, do not, in any circumstances, get on the plane.' I didn't get that message until I was in the car, off the plane, and on my way to the doctor."

Lesnar was last seen competing at SummerSlam, in which he drove a tractor out to the ring and uprooted it late into his Last Man Standing Match with Roman Reigns. "The Tribal Chief" was still able to retain his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship thanks to heavy interference from The Bloodline. 


h/t Fightful