WWE's Brock Lesnar Reveals New Look

The last time WWE fans saw Brock Lesnar he was being buried under a host of tables, steel steps, and chairs by Roman Reigns and The Bloodline at SummerSlam, and fans have been wondering when they might see him again. It's not known whether that will happen or not, but if he does show up soon, he will likely be sporting a new look. In a new post from Wrestle.Kingdom, Lesnar is shown in a new photo completely clean-shaven and without the big bear that accompanied his more recent cowboy look. While he could always grow it back out before a return to the ring, this could also mean that The Beast will be the one returning when he does show up in WWE once more.

Wrestle.Kingdom shared the photo and wrote "Why tf he shaved his beard 😭, so that means cowboy Lesnar is gone & beast incarnate is coming back! 🫡" While this isn't confirmation obviously, ditching the beard could mean we'll see Lesnar return to his previous form, though it remains to be seen how he would be brought back.

While he lost to Reigns at SummerSlam, he was made to look incredibly strong, as it took the whole Bloodline and a mountain of tables and chairs to keep him down long enough for the pin. That said, many weren't exactly thrilled to see that rematch happen at SummerSlam in the first place, though it did only happen because of injuries.

Reigns was initially supposed to face Randy Orton at SummerSlam, but he had to have surgery and is still out of action. Lesnar was then brought in, and despite the complaints about the match happening again, the two delivered a thrilling brawl that ended up being unforgettable for a host of reasons, including the fact that Lesnar lifted the ring up in the air and sent Reigns tumbling with a tractor.

Reigns ultimately won and sent Lesnar packing, but since then Triple H has brought several stars back to the company, and there are some intriguing match-ups for Lesnar outside of just Reigns, including Braun Strowman and Karrion Kross.

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