WWE's Charlotte Flair Talks Being Compared to Roman Reigns, Psychology in Becky Lynch Feud

Given Charlotte Flair's robust WWE resume, her and Roman Reigns make a logical wrestling power couple. But her current story with Becky Lynch has fans drawing parallels to the polarizing Reigns' character, with some sections of the crowd refusing the treat her like the hero Vince McMahon is crafting her to be.

But the seven-time WWE Champion isn't too concerned about WWE fans connecting her to The Big Dog. After all, he is the face of a billion dollar company.

"I think if I am being compared to him, I'm honored. I look at him as a top guy. He's main evented Wrestlemania ... What? Three years now, in a row," Flair told Comicbook.com in an exclusive interview.

"He absolutely works his butt off, and always has to be on his A game. That's a lot, a lot of pressure. To be considered one of the top stars for the company, that's my main goal. So yeah, that's extremely flattering. I still feel like I have a long way to go, but if I could be like him, heck yeah," said Flair.

While Flair has spent most of her time on the main roster as a villain, she's currently booked as the hero in her struggle with Becky Lynch. However, like Reigns, fans are clamoring for Flair to be a lowlife, but Flair says her and Lynch's rivalry isn't as simple as Good vs. Evil.

'Well, if you really look at our story. And people put their feelings aside for who's their favorite, or who they like or don't like. It's a story of two best friends. So, whether people are like, "Well, she's the bad guy in this." I feel for me, and this is just me personally. You'll know when I'm a bad guy, and right now I'm a good guy," she said.

Since clocking Flair a SummerSlam, Lynch has been regarding as an anti-hero of sorts with plenty of folks declaring she's channeled Steve Austin. Lynch's new attitude has garnered waves of support from all crowds leaving Flair as a default antagonist. While Flair still gets her cheers, it's not uncommon for her to be booed by the WWE faithful for standing in Lynch's way. Even though it may seem counterintuitive to have hero's rejected, Flair underlined that apathy would be far worse.

"If I wasn't getting a reaction, we'd have a major problem," she said.

Since moving to SmackDown in 2017, WWE has asked Flair to abandon her comfort zone as a heel in order to try her hand at being a babyface. This expansion of character is proof that Flair is one of WWE's best as she's already proven that she can be a valuable asset as a villain. However, if Flair can prove to be a convincing hero, she will be one of the elite Superstars who can do both.

"The WWE Universe knows when I'm a bad guy. And right now, I'm totally committed to getting better and being a good guy. For me, being a bad guy is probably easier, and that would be the easy way out," she said.

Flair may prefer being the heel her father groomed her to be, but she seems to be enjoying the perks of being a role model in WWE.


But knowing right now, seeing the kid's faces on the ramps when I leave, and knowing that I'm an inspiration and a role model. That's so hard to give up. Not that the bag guys aren't. But, having the opportunity to shake their hands and smile and send out a positive message. Nothing is better than that," she said.

Photo: WWE