Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt Announced For WWE Survivor Series

The final segment of this week's WWE SmackDown saw Daniel Bryan guest on MizTV with The Miz.

The purpose of the segment was for Bryan to address "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt's backstage attack on him last week during SmackDown.

Miz asked Bryan why he thinks that Wyatt attacked him last week. Bryan didn't have a response. The Miz said that he thinks it's because Wyatt senses weakness in Bryan because nobody knows who Bryan is anymore, whether he's the leader of the Yes Movement or an environmentalist. Miz said he thinks it's because Wyatt knows that Bryan is washed up.

Bryan came back by saying that he wasn't talking because MizTV sucks and has always sucked. Bryan acknowledged that he is not the same man anymore. He said nobody, including the fans, understand the mental instability he has due to his passion. He says that the only person that understands it is Wyatt, who is also mentally unstable.

At this point, Wyatt popped up on the titantron from the Firefly Fun House. He said it's rude to talk about someone when they aren't there. He said maybe The Fiend did what he did to scare him, or maybe he did it because he remembers what Bryan did. At this point, Wyatt changed voices and got very serious and dark. He then flipped and said "or maybe he did it just to play with you."

Wyatt pulled out the Universal title belt and said it's his favorite new toy. He asked Bryan if he wants to come play and said that all he has to do is say that one magic word. The fans changed "yes" but Bryan said "no."

Bryan kept saying "yes" as all of Wyatt's puppets responded by saying "yes" in a back and forth.

Bryan said it's clear that Wyatt is trying to manipulate him but he's not a puppet. Bryan said if he wants to play, they need to fight and do it for the Universal title. Bryan asked Bray what he says, to which he replied "yes" while doing Bryan's old chant.


Miz then announced it will be Bryan vs. Wyatt for the Universal title at Survivor Series as SmackDown went off the air.

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