Dean Ambrose Is Still The WWE Champion After Controversial Finish

dean and seth
(Photo: WWE)

At the end of Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins had been declared the WWE Champion by the new boss of WWE's trademark red-colored brand, Stephanie McMahon. It was Rollins' third time as WWE Champion and the stakes had been changed for WWE's upcoming Draft, which airs tomorrow.

However, it seemed Shane McMahon, who heads SmackDown!, seemed to have intervened with the final decision and demanded a replay. Even though Seth had been declared champion at the end of the episode, that was about to change.

The story continued on the WWE Network, and the aftermath played out for the fans in attendance. The match was concluded as a draw, so that means that Dean Ambrose is still the WWE Champion.

That could change this Sunday at WWE Battleground when Dean Ambrose defends his title once again against not only Seth Rollins, but the returning Roman Reigns, who is still serving his suspension.