Some WWE Superstars Reportedly Skeptical of Dean Ambrose's Exit

Until he actually leaves, Dean Ambrose's exit from WWE will draw a copious amount of scrutiny and [...]

Until he actually leaves, Dean Ambrose's exit from WWE will draw a copious amount of scrutiny and speculation. And apparently, some of that skepticism is coming from within the WWE locker room.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, some Superstars think that Ambrose's upcoming departure is a work — meaning an elaborate plot to advance a storyline. Per the Observer, a number of wrestlers were thrown off by WWE announcing the Ambrose news on their website — a break in standard protocol. Even more, there's confusion as to why WWE put out a press release three months in advance of Ambrose's contract expiring.

The Observer notes that some talent knew of Ambrose leaving, but most didn't find out until WWE broke the news themselves on Tuesday.

So, could WWE and Dean Ambrose be putting on a long con? It's certainly possible, but for now, consider it unlikely.

While it's fun to think about Ambrose and Vince McMahon conspiring over a steak dinner, multiple reports point to Ambrose being unhappy as a WWE Superstar. He reportedly turned down a handsome contract extension from WWE in order to walk away from the company. Ambrose is said to have been long frustrated by WWE's creative process and simply wants to be out.

Ambrose being fed up isn't hard to imagine, especially with the recent batch of wrestlers lobbying for their release from WWE. However, there are still a few inconsistencies. Before his match with Seth Rollins on Raw, Ambrose teased a physical altercation with both Triple H. And after his loss to Rollins, Ambrose sat in the middle o the ring, ready to bear his sou, but was interrupted by Nia Jax, who he also teased a conflict with. If Ambrose is indeed leaving, then why did he have such a busy Raw?

A report from PWTorch argues that Ambrose is already being phased out of WWE programming. After a quick elimination in the Royal Rumble followed by a clean loss to Rollins, Ambrose may be in store for quite the cold streak and could be totally written off television by WrestleMania. However with him still under contract until April, Ambrose is technically available for WM35. But Whether or not WWE gives him something to do is another story.

So while Ambrose's exit could be work of epic proportions, there just simply isn't enough evidence to genuinely support that argument. This is a situation that is bound to evolve so stick with us for all Ambrose-related updates.