Booker T: 'Dean Ambrose Really Needs Some Time Off'

Dean Ambrose is set to leave WWE in about two months. While most of the wrestling world waits for answers, Booker T has a pretty good idea on Ambrose's decision to bounce.

During an episode of his Heated Conversations podcast, Booker T broke down Ambrose's upcoming exit from the perspective of someone who's been through a similar situation. While Booker thinks Ambrose will attract plenty of offers, the WWE Hall of Famer believes the Lunatic Fringe will wrestle outside of WWE.

"I do not see Dean Ambrose leaving WWE to go somewhere else.," Booker said. "I'm sure [AEW] is gonna offer him a deal. When I left WWE, TNA offered me a deal. It was a sweet deal, ya sit at home the majority of the year. Just show up every now and then and make some money. That was a sweet deal for me, that was like a vacation. I don't think a new company like AEW is looking for guys to get that Roger Clemens treatment where you ain't gotta practice, you just gotta show up and throw fastballs on game day."

There aren't too many facts out there as to why Ambrose is leaving, but PWTorch indicated that Ambrose had grown tired of WWE's creative process. That same story reported that Ambrose had recently turned down a handsome new contract from WWE, a choice that says plenty. To Booker, Ambrose may be burnt out, and time away from the WWE machine could be a very good thing.

"I think Dean Ambrose really needs some time off," Booker said. "This job can become very, very stressful. You can become very, very depressed doing this job. It can definitely take you on a rollercoaster ride because, a lot of times, - he's lucky, Dean Ambrose is lucky that he's married to someone in the business. I know that's one of the reasons that I was willing to walk away from this company that I love so much. I was willing to walk away from it because when Sharmell and I got married, being on the road was no fun at all. And then when she came on the road with me, as King Booker, it relieved a lot of that pressure I was under."


The departure of Ambrose is bound to make several more headlines between now and when his contract expires. However, despite his lame duck status, it looks like WWE will use him on television. It seemed possible that WWE would shelf Ambrose until he left, but the Lunatic showed up on to insult Nia Jax and EC3. Ambrose and EC3 went on the have a match, where the NXT grad quickly pinned the former WWE Champion — signaling that Ambrose may only be used to lose matches.

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