Dijak Shares X-Ray After Suffering a Nasty Finger Injury at NXT: Vengeance Day

Dijak came up short against Wes Lee in the opening match of NXT: Vengeance Day on Saturday night in Charlotte. He also wound up going somewhat viral after the camera caught what was clearly an injured middle finger on his left hand midway through the match. The big man then shared a photo of himself backstage flipping off the camera with finger, then followed up on Sunday by posting an X-Ray of his hand. 

After initially jumping to the main roster in 2020 as a member of the infamous Retribution faction, Dijak finally ditched his T-BAR persona and returned to NXT in late October. He had been targeting Wes Lee's NXT North American Championship ever since but wound up losing to Lee thanks to interference from Tony D'Angleo and Stacks.

According to Shawn Michaels via the post-show press conference, Dijak's finger (somehow) isn't broken — "It's gotta be a miracle. It's not broken. We took him, he got an X-ray, they said it's not broken. I guess what you do is you numb it and put it back in place and that's what is happening now. Again, honestly a modern miracle because we all saw it and it was pretty gnarly looking. But apparently, he's going to be okay, which is obviously fantastic news for us and him."

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