Emma Makes Shocking Return to WWE, Ronda Rousey Cheats to Retain SmackDown Women's Title

Tonight's WWE SmackDown was not lacking for Champions, as both Roman Reigns and Ronda Rousey were present for the blue brand's new episode. Rousey came out to the ring and though she took aim at the crowd a bit in her opening promo, she was still going to hold her open challenge for the SmackDown Women's Championship, but it wasn't Liv Morgan, Sonya Deville, Shotzi, or Raquel Rodriguez that answered the challenge. Instead, it was a surprise return, as Emma made her grand return to WWE and SmackDown after five years away from the company, and she was now facing Rousey for the Title.

Rousey taunted her with her old signature move before Emma even got into the ring, but Emma took it in stride. They locked up and Rousey pushed Emma back into the corner, and then they locked up again in the center of the ring, and Rousey threw Emma down and then lifted her up on her shoulders. Emma slid down underneath and went for a roll-up but Rousey kicked out, and then she tried again, but Rousey kicked out and knocked Emma out of the ring with a big kick to the stomach.

Rousey threw Emma into the steel steps, but she rolled out of the way when Rousey charged at her, and she slammed her knee into the steel steps. Rousey's knee was clearly hurting and Emma took advantage, locking in the tarantula. She followed it up with a jump off the top rope into a splash, but Rousey then tried to lock in a hold and hit a few knee strikes before the count.

Rousey then pressed Emma against the ropes for another hold and connected with a knee strike to the side of the head. Rousey taunted a bit and then she locked in another hold on Emma in the center of the ring while taunting more, saying the crowd doesn't care about Emma. Emma flipped her over and threw some punches and then hit a kick to the head. Rousey pushed her away and then Emma hit a clothesline on Rousey and bought herself some space.

Emma delivered more strikes and countered another move to hit a Russian leg sweep before going for a cover, but Rousey kicked out. Rousey dodged a kick and went for an Ankle Lock, and she had it locked in tight in the center of the ring. Emma managed to roll Rousey into the corner but she kept herself from hitting the turnbuckle. Emma then countered another move and hit a mean suplex from the corner on Rousey.

She charged forward and connected with Rousey, and then went for a cover but Rousey kicked out. Rousey tried to lift Emma but she got away, and she was pushed into the ropes. Then Rousey raked the eye of Emma but the referee didn't 'see it happen, and she hit a Piper's Pit. Then Rousey locked in the armbar and Emma tapped, causing Rousey to retain her Championship.

We'll have to wait and see what's next for Emma, but it's good to have her back in WWE.

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