Former WWE Star Making Boxing Debut On Floyd Mayweather Card

There seem to be quite a few crossovers between the worlds of UFC and WWE, and now a former WWE and AEW star is making his way to the world of boxing for the first time. It was revealed today that Bobby Fish will be making his boxing debut as part of the Floyd Mayweather and Deji card on November 13th. The Global Titans Fight Series event will have Fish taking on Ghanaian Boateng Prempeh, who is 2 and 3 and has scored two knockout victories. His last fight was against Theophilus Ofer Dodoo last December, and you can find the official post below.

"🇺🇸 Bobby Fish vs. Boateng Prempeh 🇬🇭 @thebobbyfish makes the transition and bold leap from pro wrestling to boxing, debuting against Ghanaian Boateng Prempeh.

🥊 #MayweatherDeji
📅 Sunday November 13
🏟 Coca-Cola Arena
🇦🇪 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
🎟️ Tickets On Sale NOW!"

Fish recently departed AEW and made his debut in Impact Wrestling at Victory Road. It's not known how long he'll be in Impact or if he will officially join the roster, but it seems he will be jumping into the world of boxing at the same time. Fish recently discussed his match against CM Punk after people noticed some issues with the finish of their match, and had quite a bit to say.

"The match that I had with Punk, where things go wonky at the end of that match with the kick out on the GTS, which isn't even his move. That's me giving into my desire to be a little bit petty in that regard. It's KENTA's move and you didn't even have the decency to change the name. Regardless, the confusion at the end of our match was the fact that he did what's called 'the office' or an 'iggy.' This is some inside baseball stuff here. He did that before the three count was over," Fish said (h/t Fightful). "Having been in the business for a long time, I recognize what that is and have done it myself to somebody to say, in our way, 'whatever, good match.' He did it before the three count was over. That's also a way to alert your opponent that, 'Hey, let's change something.' In that moment, I can liken it to what Tony Khan might have been feeling when he's going off on the EVPs. You don't know what to do. In that moment, I know for myself, I had to make a split-second decision, couldn't weigh out this or that. I had to kick out or not kick out and lose the moment forever. I kicked out."

Fish also brought up the media scrum that occurred at All Out where Punk took shots at several AEW stars, which seemed to catch Tony Khan off guard.

"Only reason I bring it up is because we're talking about it and I do want to extend some grace to Tony in that regard, just because I've been there. To be caught in that position, he definitely should have reacted differently, Hunter [Triple H] or Vince McMahon would have potentially folded Phil like a wet nap in that moment, which is probably the right reaction," Fish said. "In Tony's defense, that might not be his personality. Here it is, in this moment, he's hitched the cart of his company to the back of this guy, given him not only a lot of money, but a lot of trust, and you're kind of shitting all over that right next to him. It's a sucky position for everyone."


The fight takes place at Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai on November 13th.

H/T Fightful