Is Adam Scherr's New CYN Character Inspired by the Joker?

Adam Scherr has been keeping busy with his Control Your Narrative (CYN) promotion, a company started by EC3, Jedediah Koszewski, and Scherr, and now he's teasing a new evolution with a character that seems to be inspired at least a little by DC Comics villain The Joker. Scherr posted a new video to his Twitter account that shows him in a suit jacket holding a large knife. The footage is all in black and white and features him saying " serious" as he puts the knife up to his face, so you can see why fans are making some Joker comparisons.

The why so serious line is of course famous from Heath Ledger's incredible performance as Joker in The Dark Knight, and Scherr is definitely giving off some creepy and unsettling vibes in this video, only heightened thanks to the hair choice, black and white filter, and unhinged mannerisms.

We'll have to wait and see what happens next with Scherr in CYN, but we could be seeing a new version of the unstoppable powerhouse in the ring soon if this video is anything to go by, and hopefully, we'll learn more about this new evolution soon. If you're unfamiliar with CYN, you can find out more details from their announcement blog post below.

"The 'Control Your Narrative' concept has manifested itself from an idea, to a movement, to a live touring/televised wrestling company. We, collectively as wrestlers, can no longer wait. We can not wait on companies that answer only to share holders. Companies where billionaires collect talent as 'toys.' Companies that fire their entire roster for the mistakes their office made. Companies that are complacent in presentation. Companies where talent clock in, sit in the back, and say 'nothing matters.' To create true change, you have to be bold. You have to bet on yourself. With CYN, talent bet on themselves," ec3 wrote.

"I was so impressed with what Control Your Narrative was creating, that I told ec3 and JC how much it inspired me. How much I would like to create with them one day. The next day I was released from my contract. Things happen for a reason. Preproduction of "Free The Narrative II: The Monster in us All began immediately. This is what's next," Scherr wrote.

Other talents involved in CYN include Matt Cardona, Moose, Jon Skyler, Matt Sydal, Marina Shafir, Westin Blake, Matt Taven, and more.

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H/T Wrestling Inc