Watch: Jey Uso Continued Brutal Attack On Daniel Bryan After SmackDown Went Off The Air

WWE SmackDown closed in memorable fashion on Friday night as Jey Uso officially turned heel, joining his cousin Roman Reigns and acknowledging him as his tribal chief. Following a main event match that saw Uso defeat Daniel Bryan clean to become a member of Team SmackDown, Reigns stepped into the ring with Uso. Jey then told him "I understand now" and went on to brutally attack Bryan. He took him to the ringside announce table and nailed an Uso Splash off the top rope through the table.

Things didn't end there, though. After SmackDown went off the air, Bryan was put on a stretcher and was being taken upon the ramp but Uso would have none of it. He took Bryan off the stretcher and dragged him back into the ring and hit another Uso Splash.

The footage has been posted by WWE and can be viewed below.

All of this followed a very good opening segment of SmackDown where Reigns confronted Uso about his loss at Hell In A Cell and gave him an ultimatum to join him. Jey started the show in the ring, ready to accept his punishment for losing the match. Heyman started to talk but Jey cut him off and took the mic, telling Roman he didn't beat him and he knows him and that he would never say I quit." Uso told Roman that he's not that type of person and that he didn't beat him.

Roman then told Jey he can feel any type of way he wants and he can tell himself what he wants, but "what did I say I'd do? You quit. Say the oath. Accept the membership, and fall in line."

Jey then said "you think you're tougher than me? I can't bow to you. This title has you trippin'. No. You knew the only person I'd say I quit for. You knew what you was doing."

"Of course I did. Paul, he still doesn't understand," Reigns said. "These are the things that you have to do to have this. To fulfill the obligations and the burden of being on top in WWE. Look at me. I'm going to tell you right now. The consequences are real. You saw on stage, my dad, your uncle, the highest of the chiefs, all the way down to the youngest of our family are all behind me. They're all behind me, and if you don't fall in line your ass is out of the family. I get it I'd be angry too, trust me. iI would be livid, but let's be honest, what can you do?"

Roman kept taunting him, and Jey said "I hate you. I hate you man". He then dropped the mic and Roman said "I'm sure you do, right now, but I love you. I've always loved you. But I'm gonna say for the last time, by the end of the night, you will fall in line."


Roman then touched his hair like a brother, dropped the mic, and walked away.

What do you think of Jey Uso's new direction? Where do you think this storyline with Roman Reigns is headed and how will Jimmy Uso play in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!