Jim Ross Lists His Mt. Rushmore of Wrestling Commentators

When it comes to wrestling announcers, few in the pro wrestling industry know them better than current AEW commentator and former long-time voice of WWE, Jim Ross. Perhaps the greatest announcer of all time, Ross has seen and worked with his share of play by play and color commentators in his over 40 years in the business. During an appearance on the Top Rope Nation Wrestling Podcast, Ross was asked to choose his own personal Mt. Rushmore (top four) of wrestling commentators in the sport's rich history.

"Gordon Solie, Bob Caudill, Lance Russell, Gorilla Monsoon would be four off the top of my head that I would put on there," Ross told Top Rope Nation. "If you included color guys, color commentators, that would certainly include Bobby Heenan, who may be the best all around performer I've ever worked with, as far as being an outstanding wrestler, a great heel, a manager, a host, a color guy. He excelled in everything he did. And nobody in that era was better or that area was better than Bobby, in my view.

"So Bobby Heenan would be on that list, Paul Heyman would be one, Jerry Lawler would be one. Lawler, Heyman, Cornette (was a) great color guy....When you ask the announcers, I just assumed it was like my role as a play by play guy. So those four I mentioned I think would be there quite easily. There's a very subjective list like everything else, but there's my favorites."

During the interview, Ross also made his first public comments on The Revival's release from WWE and how he could see them fitting in with AEW.

You can hear the entirety of Jim Ross' interview with Top Rope Nation from the player embedded above, or wherever podcasts are found (including Apple Podcasts). He gave his thoughts on Steve Austin's heel turn at WrestleMania 17, how AEW and WWE are different to work with, his current relationship with Vince McMahon, the process of writing his new book, and so much more.


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