Jon Moxley Reveals Moment He Hit Rock Bottom in WWE

All Elite Wrestling launched their official podcast, AEW Unrestricted, this week and brought on Jon Moxley as their first guest. The former WWE Champion went through the highlights and lowlights of his wrestling career during the interview, including some of his least favorite angles from his time working for Vince McMahon. Moxley has stated in numerous interviews that he hated all of the goofy skits he was forced to do in the company, and admitted he was legitimately worried the AEW fans would reject him for all of the bad comedy bits he had done over the years.

"Double or Nothing was three weeks after my contract was going to be up," Moxley said. "And it was in Vegas. It didn't matter that it was in Vegas, but something about it being in Vegas made it a sign. I didn't even find that show, that show found me. All the signs in the universe were pointing me there. I was like, 'Alright, I guess we're doing this.' To be perfectly honest, I didn't know if people would cheer, boo, or not make any noise at all.... I just feel like my reputation had been tarnished so bad that I had to start from scratch again. Once you get popped in the ass with a syringe on TV and dress up like a teddy bear, DDT people and s— like that."

Moxley recalled the moment where he felt like he had hit "rock bottom" in the WWE. Long before his injury, return and botched heel turn, Moxley (then Dean Ambrose) was locked in a feud with The Miz. On the Jun 12, 2017 episode of Raw Ambrose dressed up in a bear suit and attacked Miz.


"I remember one time standing in the ring in a bear suit for some reason, and I can't explain to you why," Moxley said. "I DDT'd The Miz and took off my bear hat. You get the Pavlovian response of 'yeah!' but I remember thinking, 'This is so stupid. This is not funny or entertaining.' I remember standing in the ring thinking, 'I've hit rock bottom. I'm just done. This sucks. What have I become in this bear suit?' I had many moments like that.

"I was scared fans outside of WWE, they want an alternative," he added. "They're coming to Ring of Honor or Impact or AEW because they don't want Monday Night Raw or WWE stuff. I was scared that I was so synonymous with WWE crap that I'd walk out and they'd be like 'Oh God, the idiot from WWE. What are you gonna do, hit someone with a hot dog? Jesus Christ this company has gone to hell! can't believe the brought the hot dog guy' I was scared of that. I never explained my gratitude toward the people that were in the building that night for embracing and accepting me as myself and not putting any of WWE's crap onto me. Then it's off the to races."