Will Kane Return to WWE While Serving as Mayor?

WWE's Kane is the latest celebrity from the entertainment world to try his hand at politics, but [...]

WWE's Kane is the latest celebrity from the entertainment world to try his hand at politics, but does that mean his time with WWE is effectively over?

The WWE star (running under his real name of Glenn Jacobs) was elected mayor of Knox County, Tennessee last week following a brief return to WWE over the summer. Kane, a Libertarian who ran as the Republican Party's nominee, defeated Linda Haney of the Democratic Party. The result was widely expected as Republicans outnumber Democrats by a large number in the area.

Kane spoke to Rolling Stone about his new career and whether his time wrestling is now over.

"WWE is always going to be part of me and hopefully I'll always be part of it," said Kane. "I haven't ruled out making special appearances every now and then. My main priority is being mayor, of course. [My role in the WWE] does bring a lot of attention to Knox County, so that's cool. It's just a matter of making sure everything I do — WWE or any other outside stuff — does not impact my role as mayor."

Given his answer, it sounds like he will return to WWE television at some point, even if for brief appearances. Jesse Ventura famously returned to the WWE as Governor of Minnesota to serve as the special guest referee during the main event of SummerSlam 1999, so there is definitely precedent for such a move. If a sitting Governor, a much higher office, can return to the ring while serving in the government, certainly a Mayor can.

Kane was criticized during the Mayoral race for returning to the WWE in the heat of the campaign. Kane's brief return this summer included the reformation of Team Hell No, where Bryan and Kane eventually came out on the losing end against WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Bludgeon Brothers at last month's Extreme Rules PPV event.

Though he did receive some negative press for the move, Kane responded by noting that WWE is his long time line of work, and of course other politicians continue to work while running for office. It obviously didn't bother the voters of Knox County as they continued to support his candidacy, as expected.