Watch: Incredible Kevin Owens and Paul Heyman Segment From Talking Smack

After this week's WWE SmackDown, it became evident that Kevin Owens is Roman Reigns' next challenger for the Universal Championship. Owens wrestled Jey Uso in the main event of the show, and after Uso was disqualified for using a chair, Owens was able to use the chair himself to destroy Uso in the same way that Uso has been destroying his competition of late after the bell.

Reigns reacted on social media earlier today.

On this morning's edition of Talking Smack, Kevin Owens and Paul Heyman met face to face. What resulted was an outstanding promo that should be played on SmackDown next week in full and in every video package leading up to the yet to be announced Owens vs. Reigns match.

Heyman told Owens that he's at a crossroads in his career right now: he can either go the way most wrestlers go or become a legend.

"You could say, 'I want that to be me. I want my reputation to live on for 100 years from now. I want to be a multi-time WrestleMania main eventer. I want to be a legend above all legends, an icon above all icons," Heyman said. "The way to do that, and this is where it's interesting for me, is it's at Roman Reigns' expense. A champion is only as great as the challengers that he puts down. Nobody else around here may realize that you're the number one contender, but I do. Because I know how twisted that brain is, and you're looking at an opportunity here to get to Roman Reigns and solidify your legacy."


"You know what I am, Paul?" Owens said. "I'm not a good guy, I'm not a bad guy, I'm the guy that's going to beat Roman Reigns and take the Universal Championship from him."

Check out the full segment in the clips below.