Watch: Kevin Owens Cuts Must-See Promo on Shane McMahon During SmackDown

SmackDown Live certainly started with a bang on Tuesday night.

The show opened with a segment taped earlier in the day where Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler got into a confrontation in the parking lot. Following that, Shane McMahon announced backstage that the announced main event between Owens and Ziggler would need to be changed due to Owens being barred from the building.

Cameras then cut to arena where Owens came through the crowd with a microphone and wearing a WWE crew t-shirt. He proceeded to give a fantastic worked-shoot promo, running down the over exposure of Shane McMahon on television over the last several months.

He exclaimed that the McMahons had their moment on television where they announced that they would give the WWE fans what they want but nobody in the world wanted to see Shane McMahon as much as he's been on television.


McMahon came out and attempted to get Owens' microphone cut off as KO continued running down McMahon, noting the television time Shane has been getting could have given to people like Apollo Crews or Ali.

Essentially, Owens said everything that wrestling fans have vocally been complaining about for months. Check it out below.