Kevin Owens Talks New WWE Chronicle, Love of Wrestling Documentaries

The latest edition of WWE Chronicle on the WWE Network is now available. The new documentary focuses on Kevin Owens; his current feud with Roman Reigns (the two will wrestle Sunday night at WWE TLC), as well as Owens' family life during the COVID-19 pandemic. The WWE produced documentary series is nearly always must-see television, and the latest release is no exception. had an opportunity to sit down with Owens this week and discuss his participation in the project.

"Anytime we are a part of something like this, anytime any superstar is asked to be part of a Chronicle, or a 24/365, a Network documentary, whatever they may be called, it's always great because it means that, obviously, what we're involved in on television, is getting people excited enough to have this feature done on us," Owens explained. "It's also something cool to share with our families, because they get a lot of behind the scenes stuff, something I always enjoy watching with everybody.

"The best part of it, and the main reason why people should watch it, is even if for some reason I am not your cup of tea as somebody who watches WWE, I can guarantee you're going to enjoy this thing because anytime they do it on anyone, it's really interesting, and really engaging because the crew that does them, everybody from that digital department, and everybody that works on these documentaries, are so incredibly talented. I really couldn't say it enough. They just have a way of telling stories, the way of even shooting certain things, and the way they edit it all together, just the way they do it, it's really something. I think, they're probably my favorite things in WWE, these documentaries."

Owens went on to discuss how the behind the scenes footage and WWE documentary style is a relatively recent phenomenon. He also talked about how he's a fan of the productions himself, making a point to see each and every new one that is released.

"When I was a fan, when I was 11, 12, 13 years old, and beyond, we really didn't have these things," Owens said. "WWE wasn't making the stuff at that time. I can only imagine I would have devoured every one they would have put out if, if that had been a thing at the time.

"Now, even as busy as I am in my own career, and my family, anytime they put one out, even if it's on somebody who I know very well, already, I'll find the time to watch them because it's just so interesting. It usually opens you up to a lot of things you wouldn't even know about somebody, even though you know them well. For the fans, it's obviously an opportunity to get to know their superstars, whether they love the superstar, or don't care for them. You get to know them better, and it's another reason to care when you're watching the product."

Before the 2000s, true life wrestling documentaries were virtually unheard of in the industry. This topic turned into a fun conversation with Owens, reminiscing about growing up a fan and what it was like when the WWE documentary projects first started coming out on DVD in the early 2000s.

"Anytime they would put one out, I was like, 'Oh, man.' I'd watch it and be like... Getting to see the wrestlers in their house, or when they're traveling on the road, they were pulling back this curtain. It was just so exciting to see," Owens explained. "I really can't pick just one (DVD as a favorite). I don't know. They're really good, man. No other way to put it. They were good back then, but now the level that these documentaries are at now, with the crew working on them, is unparalleled."

We'll have more from our conversation with Kevin Owens in the days ahead, including some untold road stories from his days traveling with Sami Zayn, as well as his thoughts on WWE NXT and the WWE Draft.


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