Update on Kurt Angle's Absence, Return to the Ring

Since being slapped with a mandatory 'vacation' by Stephanie McMahon, Kurt Angle's WWE future has [...]

Since being slapped with a mandatory "vacation" by Stephanie McMahon, Kurt Angle's WWE future has been the subject of scrutiny. While the rumors circle, multiple sources have confirmed that Angle is prepping for an in-ring return.

But when will that happen? And who will it be against?

According to PWInsider, Angle's hiatus will end soon, possibly before the September 16 Hell in a Cell show. The report suggested that when Angle does return, early indicators say it will be for a match with Baron Corbin.

The internet wrestling community has had a field day with the rumors surrounding Angle's in-ring comeback. Some say he's coming back full time, other assert it may be only for a match or two. Regardless, all of the stories surrounding Angle have him wrestling again.

We last saw Angle compete at WrestleMania 34, but ever since, his in-ring physicality has been limited to taking bumps from Ronda Rousey. At 49 years old, we can probably rule out a "full-time" schedule for Angle - while his age certainly dictates that, there simply isn't much need for Angle to be regularly wrestling in today's WWE. With a roster that is unprecedentedly stacked, relying on Angle just seems counter-intuitive to WWE's plans.

However, a one-on-one match with Baron Corbin would be an effective middle ground. The tension between Angle and The Constable has already been set, and now that Corbin is interim General Manager, he and Angle are on collision course. If we could take a guess, we'll postulate that Angle will fight Corbin for the right to regain his GM job. From this vantage point, Hell in a Cell seems too close for WWE to tell that story properly, so perhaps things will simmer until Survivor Series.

After getting the boot two weeks ago on Raw, Angle made a post to Instagram that kept his future ambiguous:

"I'm really sorry that I won't be on Monday Night Raw for a little while. I enjoyed every minute of it with the WWEUniverse. I was told by @stephaniemcmahon that I need a vacation. I don't know if it's temporary or permanent. I Hope I will be back sooner than later. Thank you WWEUniverse. Much Love. #itstrue," he wrote.

In Angle's absence, look for Corbin to be particularly corrupt. He's off to a good start at being bad in just one week of being GM, so by Hell in a Cell, Baron Corbin should be unbearable, making Angle's return all the more poignant.

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