Luke Harper's Frustrations With WWE Continue

Luke Harper has had a bit of a rocky relationship with WWE this year and recent events show the drama continuing.

About six months ago, Harper went public with his request to be released from his WWE deal. At the time, he wrote on Twitter:

"As of this evening, I have requested a release from WWE," Harper wrote. "The past 6 years have been a simply, amazing journey around the world and back with lifelong friends and family. I am proud of it all and proud to say I shared the ring with my co workers.

"This decision, as difficult as it was, feels right for myself and WWE. My goal in the future is to continue to grow as a performer and person and continue to make my family proud," the statement continued. "Thank you. From the top to the bottom of WWE. Thank you to the fans for your undying support. Thank you everyone."

WWE wasn't really using him at the time after he had recovered from an injury following his 2018 stint as one half of the Bludgeon Brothers, so understandably, Harper felt like his talents could be better used elsewhere.

Instead, WWE refused to let Harper out of his deal. Undoubtedly, some would look at one of the reasons being the start up of AEW, a promotion that could certainly benefit from the presence of Harper who has a reputation as one of the better big man workers in the industry.

Harper was recently brought back to WWE television to team with Erick Rowan again. The pair had a fantastic tag team match against Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns this past Sunday night at WWE Hell In A Cell.

However, there appears to still be some animosity between Harper and WWE. Last month, Harper changed his Twitter biography and noted that WWE had threatened to fine him. Check out a screenshot below.


Right now, he has modified his biography once again, with him noting his DMs are wide open and he has "never been more happy!" Check it out below.

Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 2.22.18 PM
(Photo: Twitter)

Whatever the case, at least Harper is being used on television again as having a talent such as himself sitting at home for several months unused seemed like madness.