Matt Hardy Teases Leaving WWE

Back at WrestleMania 33 Matt and Jeff Hardy made their shocking return to WWE. Since then it's been somewhat of a mixed bag for the pair, and now then older Hardy brother seems to be teasing a departure from the company in the near future. His contract is reportedly set to expire in March, and he's been hinting at the return of his "Broken" persona on his personal YouTube channel over the past few months. A day after losing to Drew McIntyre on Monday Night Raw, Hardy took to Twitter to indicate the "debt" he owed the company had been repaid.

Hardy also posted an interesting response to a fan, indicating that his health had nothing to do with his recent long absence from television.

"A few notes -I'm actually VERY healthy right now -I did not 'semi-retire', I could have still been working at that time. Was not my call," Hardy wrote. "-I am always down to put talent over, but I am NOT in that phase of my career. I have much, much more to offer the industry."

Hardy's wife Reby Sky also hinted that the interactions between Hardy and WWE officials haven't been particularly nice lately.

Since he posted the tweet, Hardy took notice of fans writing on social media that the former multi-time tag team champion deserves better treatment within the WWE.


Hardy made headlines last week when he and Sky welcomed their third child into the world, Bartholomew "Bartie" Hardy