McMahon Family's Return to TV Reportedly Kills Two Major WWE Storylines

In the wake of the McMahons announcing they'll be running Raw and SmackDown, both Baron Corbin and [...]

In the wake of the McMahons announcing they'll be running Raw and SmackDown, both Baron Corbin and Paige lost their jobs. But apparently, their duties weren't the only casualties of the McMahon armada.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the arrival of the Vince and Stephanie McMahon along with Triple H killed plans for both Alexa Bliss and Shane Mcmahon.

Apparently, WWE was considering Bliss to replace Corbin as Raw GM. With him losing to Strowman and Bliss in no rush to wrestle again — combined with her business casual wardrobe — it looked like Little Miss Bliss would take on a front office role. But as Paige's "demotion" signaled, the McMahons clearly want the stage here, so there will be no need for any other authoritative figures.

The second plug pulled was Shane McMahon's heel turn. Since winning WWE's World Cup at Crown Jewel, all signs pointed towards Shane-O-Mac becoming a jerk. With WWE feeding his "best in the world" brand, it would not have been long until an inflated McMahon started inserting himself into SmackDown's main event. And as we all know, an arrogant McMahon eventually becomes tyrannical and Shane was on the verge of playing the villain for a major WrestleMania match. However, per The Observers report, WWE has audibled off of those plans, clearing Shane's slate for 2019.

So what exactly does this all mean? Well, the most obvious point is that we're in store for a heavy dose of the McMahons. It wasn't quite a hostile takeover, but the McMahon's ushered in a new version of WWE in just two nights. From now on, it looks like both Raw and SmackDown will carry McMahon-centric storylines — a formula that has proven to be hit or miss.

Perhaps the best question is why Vince McMahon thought it was time for him and his offspring to take the reigns. Was WWE actually concerned about the streak of putrid Raw's that drew all-time low ratings? Does the company feel this lost with Roman Reigns abruptly taken out of the picture? Or does WWE feel the onus to reboot its product knowing that FOX is keeping a keen eye on their billion dollar investment? Whatever it is, it seems like the McMahons decided at Thanksgiving dinner that if things weren't turning around, they'd devise a plan to hit the reset button and install themselves into power.

That's what makes WWE such a unique watch. As truly a global conglomerate, WWE has dedicated recent years to conquering the globe, spreading the word of the WWE Network. But now WWE looks like it has to return to its roots: live entertainment — something other relative tycoons like McDonald's never have to worry about. Essentially WWE is a traveling circus, it just so happens to be a lucrative business. And while marketing and social media presence are important, WWE's well being is still dependent on telling good stories. As of late, there hasn't been much of that, but with the McMahons back, WWE is instantly more intriguing. Here's to a dramatic 2019!