Vince McMahon Reportedly Eyeing Big Change to The New Day

It seems like WWE fans have been waiting for The New Day to split as soon as the trio became popular. And apparently, that moment may be upon us.

The Wrestling Observer's Bryan Alvarez says that Vince McMahon is mulling a big change to The New Day.

"I guess Vince is back thinking about switching up The New Day again. He thought about it a year ago and did nothing and now he's thinking about it again."

"The act has been the same for years and years and years and there could be some changes to The New Day in 2019. Before you go on the internet and write big stories about that just remember that this is Vince and he changes his mind on a daily basis, but last week he was thinking about doing something different with The New Day," he said.

There has been no shortage of speculation regarding a New Day break up over the years. After all, any group that has success in WWE is destined to split up for that sake of drama, so disbanding the New Day has always been a real option for WWE. However, when to do actually do it is the question at hand.

As a tag team, there really isn't much left for the New Day to accomplish. Even more, WWE is out of compelling opponents to put against them, furthering the case for a change. As much as we've loved The New Day vs. The Usos, there just isn't much to be gained by staying in that cycle.

WWE may be gunshy about splitting the New Day considering how successful they've been. Why fix something that is working so well? But you could make the argument that the trio has grown stagnant over the last year or so and an act that isn't improving is ultimately getting worse.


Not to mention, the idea of Big E, Kofi Kingston, and even Xavier Woods getting solo runs could prove to be a good thing for Vince McMahon. Fans have long clamored for Big E to enter the main event picture as he has the size and charisma that can gratify most WWE fans. Kingston may be the purest babyface in the entire company and him rebooting a singles career would likely be met warmly by the WWE Universe. Woods has always been a proficient in-ring worker, but he's found a niche on the microphone. While he could also find success in the singles ranks, Woods could be lucratively successful in a managerial role.