The New Day Becomes Five-Time WWE Tag Team Champions on SmackDown

After being denied at SummerSlam, The New Day padded their WWE resume by pinning The Bludgeon [...]

After being denied at SummerSlam, The New Day padded their WWE resume by pinning The Bludgeon Brothers on SmackDown to become Tag Team Champions for the fifth time.

Given the DQ finish at SummerSlam, The New Day was given the opportunity at the Blue Brand's tag belts in a No Disqualification match on SmackDown. After taking a considerable beating, Kofi Kingston positioned Luke Harper for Xavier Woods to drive him through a table with his suddenly iconic elbow. Woods did, and with Kingston's help, the SmackDown titles now belong to The New Day.

After winning the title at WrestleMania 34, The Bludgeon Brothers hammered the tag division without ever being truly threatened. THeir run as champs would likely still be alive if not for news of Eric Rowan suffering a torn biceps. While WWE has yet to confirm the injury, early reports already have the Rowan missing 4-6 months.

Rowan's injury spelled bummer for the Bludgeons, but WWE is a better place with The New Day as champs. Before SmackDown's main event, both The Bar and The Club first dibs on the winner. Next week we'll probably see them duke it out for a Championship opportunity at Hell in a Cell next month.

The New Day's run is one of the better real-life stories of today's WWE. The trio asked to be put together because they had an idea. However, they recently explain to Compl that not everyone was excited about their plans to introduce a New Day.

"Big Show, so when we were trying to get off the ground, Big Show would pull Kofi aside and say, 'What are you doing with those two? They're bringing you down. You should be in the World Title picture," said Big E. "This isn't a time where it's like, 'Oh Big Show, it's all fun and games.' Like, we're struggling to get on TV and we're thinking we're gonna get fired."

"You had been a champion," Xavier Woods said to Big E. "I had been on the road for three months doing nothing. So I had just come up from developmental like, 'Oh everything's shiny and new I'm so happy to be here guys!' And then [Big Show] is just taking a dump on me to my face."

"To his credit, out of all the people who did say things to our face or said things behind our back," Woods explained, "[Big Show] is the one person who came up and said, 'I was completely wrong. You guys are awesome and you're killing it and I'm glad that you didn't listen to me.'"

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