New Details Revealed on CM Punk's Serious Injury From AEW All Out

It's been a rather chaotic past few days for All Elite Wrestling, and things seem to be getting worse before they get any better. The latest detail emanating from the CM Punk and AEW turmoil is an update on Punk's injury, which hasn't been confirmed by Punk or AEW but has now been confirmed by several sources, including Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer. Their latest report says that Punk's injury is believed to have been from his dive during the match and is thought to be serious. In fact, it's serious enough that despite any suspensions or punishment for comments made and the reported brawl, the Title situation would still have to be addressed.

On Twitter Meltzer wrote "Punk injury, believed to be from the tope, is serious. Rumors from Sunday but he hadn't confirmed them but it's been confirmed to me no matter what happens discipline-wise that the title situation has to be changed and addressed tonight."

If the injury situation is as bad as described, it would be the second time over the span of a year that Punk's Title reign finds itself derailed by an unfortunate injury. He experienced a foot injury during his match against Adam Hangman Page, and on the following AEW Dynamite had to step away to recover.

That led to the announcement of an Interim AEW World Champion, which would end up being Jon Moxley. Punk would return and confront Moxley, but then their Title unification match would shock everyone by being a complete squash of Punk. Moxley and Punk would then meet once again at All Out, and Punk would take the Title back, but now he's injured once more.

Last time Punk didn't vacate the Title, but with everything that is currently happening at the moment behind the scenes, it would be hard to imagine him not vacating this time around if he has to miss any real length of time. Some of the events of the past few days are expected to be addressed during tonight's Dynamite, so we'll just have to wait and see how that shakes out.