NXT's Keith Lee Retains North American Championship and Beats Damian Priest

The big main event of tonight's NXT featured an angry Keith Lee looking to get payback on Damian Priest after a brutal attack last week with a nightstick, and the match did not disappoint. It was as brutal and hard-hitting as you would expect, with Lee using his impressive power and size to throw around Priest like a ragdoll. Priest is cunning though and utilized that to use Lee's momentum against him several times throughout the match, making this a match that went down to the wire. Ultimately one person was left standing though, and that was Keith Lee.

That included one moment where Priest was able to get out of the way just in time as Lee rolled through, and Lee's momentum sent him through the barricade. The action would then head back into the ring, and though he failed to lift Lee right after, he was able to plant a backbreaker on him to even the odds once more.

Priest would try once more to lift Lee but again failed, though he countered with a hand clap on either side of Lee's head, stunning him. Lee would send Priest barreling towards the turnbuckle though in response, setting them both on even ground once more.

Lee then picked up Priest and sent him slamming into the mat, but he wasn't done, as he would then hop over the ropes and land right on Priest on the outside of the ring.

Lee would try and pin Priest twice, but Priest would kick out both times. Priest then tried to choke Lee, but Lee would then turn it around on him. Priest then attacked Lee with his speed and a series of kicks, and Lee looked stunned for a minute. Priest would take advantage by finally hitting his broken arrow, sending Lee right down to the mat.

Priest then lept over the ropes onto Lee on the outside and into the barricade, and he looked to take him down once and for all. He would connect on a cyclone kick, but Lee kicked out of the pin.

Lee would get another punch in but Priest would counter. Lee got another punch in and then took to the top rope. He then suplexed Priest from the top rope, but Priest somehow kicked out.

Priest then got his nightstick and tried to hit Lee, but Lee blocked it, and then chopped Priest right on his chest. He then spirt bombed Priest twice into the mat, and that was enough for the pin and the win.

You can find the official description for tonight's NXT below.

"Keith Lee puts the NXT North American Title on the line against Damian Priest, NXT Women's Champion Charlotte Flair steps in the ring with Mia Yim for the first time in more than five years and the Interim NXT Cruiserweight Title Tournament continues with Drake Maverick facing Tony Nese and more tonight on USA network at 8/7 C!"

North American Champion Keith Lee vs Damian Priest

NXT Women's Champion Charlotte Flair vs Mia Yim


NXT Cruiserweight Title Tournament: Drake Maverick vs Tony Nese

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