NXT's Kyle O'Reilly Defeats Adam Cole in a Brutal TakeOver Match at Stand And Deliver

Tonight was the night that Kyle O'Reilly faced his former best friend Adam Cole in an Unsanctioned Match, and it was violent and brutal as you would expect from the two. After some early exchanges, O'Reilly tried to get up on the turnbuckle but Cole knocked him off and to the floor, where O'Reilly grabbed his neck. Cole then sent him back first into the wall and went for a weapon. Cole and O'Reilly traded blows but Cole kept taunting O'Reilly, and he continued to do so when they got back in the ring. O'Reilly then hit Cole with a big knee but Cole responded with a kick. O'Reilly then responded with a kick of his own and then more knees.

O'Reilly then kept up the offense with a sliding kick. and while Cole got the better of the exchange, O'Reilly locked in Cole's legs. Cole managed to break the hold by rolling out of the ring, and he went for a huge dropkick from the ring apron, and he connected, knocking Cole back off the chair.

O'Reilly continued to hold his neck at moments, but he kept moving, rolling Cole into the ring. Cole waited with a steel chair, but when he put it up O'Reilly punched the chair and went for the pin, but Cole kicked out.

O'Reilly then picked up a chain from under the ring and put it in the ring, but Cole grabbed O'Reilly and slammed the back of his neck onto the pile of chain, and that seemed to really do some damage.

Cole then connected the chain to the ring ropes, and he tried to wrap the chain around O'Reilly's head. O'Reilly caught him and got free, hitting him with a forearm. He then picked up the chain and wrapped it around his leg. He then kicked Cole's face with the chain, but Cole locked in the figure four with the chain.

O'Reilly would not tap, and instead punched Cole, who returned the favor, and then O'Reilly returned the favor again as both men fell to the floor. They traded punches and then O'Reilly dropped Cole with a kick but when he bounced off the ropes Cole lifted the chain and clotheslined him. He then wrapped the chain around O'Reilly and drove him down to the mat, but she kicked out of the pin.

Cole propped up a chair towards the corner and then another chair next to it. O'Reilly evaded a move but ended up eating both chairs, though he kicked out of the pin attempt. O'Reilly got Cole near the steel steps and locked in a hold, finishing it off with a knee to the face. O'Reilly took a breather and then picked up Cole but he pushed him down again, seeming to doubt himself.

He picked up Cole again but this time Cole drove O'Reilly into the barricade. O'Reilly kicked Cole in the face and then went to clear the commentary desk. Then got up on top and traded blows, with Cole landing more than O'Reilly, but as Cole went for the suplex O'Reilly hit it instead, sending Cole back first down onto the floor.

O'Reilly went to capitalize but Cole hit him in the head with a TV monitor. Cole then picked up O'Reilly and sent him back into the ring. Cole went looking for something under the ring and found a toolbox. He pulled out some pliers and charged at O'Reilly but O'Reilly blocked the attack. Cole then attacked him with a tire iron but O'Reilly countered and got the tire iron. Then Cole responded but O'Reilly got the last laugh with a Brain Buster but Cole kicked out.

O'Reilly then locked Cole's arm into a submission with the chain wrapped around it, and when Cole tried to get out O'Reilly switched submission,. Cole then grabbed the tire iron as a last-ditch effort and hit O'Reilly in the ribs, breaking the hold. That did some big damage, and both stars ended up sitting in chairs and taking a quick breather, talking trash to each other the whole time. O'Reilly then kicked him in the face and Cole responded with a punch, and then the two traded punches.

They continued to trade punches until Cole went for a low blow, and Cole hit a superkick and then went for the pin, but O'Reilly kicked out. Cole then placed O'Reilly's neck and head through a chair, but when he took out the referee O'Reilly got free. Cole went up to the top turnbuckle and hit a Panama Sunrise. He followed it up with a pin and got the three count but since he had knocked out the referee no one was there to count. He tried to wake him up but he was out cold.

Cole then looked to inflict more pain, so he grabbed a chair and went after O'Reilly, who was crawling up the ramp. He threw the chair at O'Reilly's head and it landed, sending him back down to the floor. Cole followed, slamming O'Reilly into the barricade, but out of nowhere, O'Reilly slammed Cole into the wall next.

Cole dragged O'Reilly up to the ramp but O'Reilly surprised him with a submission, and to get out of it Cole slammed them both through the grate and to the floor below. Cole emerged bleeding, and then started kicking the side of the ramp to get O'Reilly out. He then pushed O'Reilly onto the ramp, but O'Reilly made his way to the ring, stumbling, and eventually landing outside of the ring. Cole then went for a suplex and hit it, sending O'Reilly into the steel steps. O'Reilly kicked out of the next pin, and they both ended up back in the ring. After some more taunting from Cole, he went for another kick but O'Reilly evaded and locked in a submission on Cole's legs. Cole grabbed the chain, wrapped it around his fist, and then hit him with it, breaking the hold.


Cole went to the top turnbuckle but O'Reilly countered and got a knee to the back and then a huge kick to the chest. O'Reilly then hit Cole with a kick. to the back of the head and went for the pin but Cole kicked out. O'Reilly then put a chair around Cole's leg, but as he made his way to the top rope Cole grabbed the chair and hit him in the back of the head, sending him back down. Cole set up another chair, and then propped O'Reilly up in the corner. He taunted some more but O'Reilly shut him up with a low blow that sent him back down. O'Reilly grabbed the chain and wrapped it around his right leg. He then went knee first into Cole, sending him through the chair and that was enough to get the pin and the win.