Renee Young Is Tired of Fans Speculating if She'll Move to AEW

Ever since Jon Moxley made the jump from WWE to AEW, fans of WWE personality Renee Young have flocked to her Twitter account every time she makes any sort of mention regarding her husband. The pair aren't the only couple who work on for the two rival promotions, but now that Moxley is thriving in his new role many fans are assuming that Young will someday follow suit. The WWE Backstage host appeared on the After The Bell podcast this week and made it clear that she's tired of the speculation that comes with every tweet she writes.

"It's so annoying," Young said. "It's so stupid that I feel like I can't even tweet about something or that I can't talk about a match that he had or whatever because all this backfire, 'AEW Confirmed! Renee Young Going to AEW!' It's like, guys, give me a break. It's just non-stop. But having so much wrestling on TV, it's like I don't know. People need to take a chill pill."

She then added that she feels wrestling fans are nicer to her since Moxley (fka Dean Ambrose) left WWE in April 2019.

"I feel like they're almost nicer to me because of that. I think so many of Jon's fans are so happy to see him happy that there doesn't really seem to be much backlash other than if somebody wants to throw ratings at you one week. I don't know, I kind of stay away from that to be honest. You get so caught up in dumb s-- on social media. Sometimes you feel like you want to poke the bear or get in the last word. I truly don't want to tweet something and feel like I'm rocking the boat, and all of a sudden, someone from WWE is going to call me up and they're gonna be annoyed at something I said. So I kind of just take myself out of the equation for the most part."


Back in November Young live tweeted the unsanctioned match between Moxley and Kenny Omega at the Full Gear pay-per-view, showing her utter horror for the levels of violence the match brought. Moxley later joked in interviews that it comes with the territory of being married to him.

"When you get married to me, you sign up that you're going to be under a fair amount of stress sometimes. Sometimes I'm going to come home and I just fell off the side of a mountain," Moxley told Chris Van Vliet. "Some days I'll come home and I'll be bludgeoned with barbed wire. That's just how I live my life."

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