Report Reveals New Details on Jonathan Gresham's Requested Release from ROH

At ROH Death Before Dishonor, Jonathan Gresham and Claudio Castagnoli delivered a fantastic match that ended up ultimately going Castagnoli's way, leading to Claudio becoming the new ROH World Champion. Unfortunately from reports things weren't so great between Gresham and AEW before the match, as Gresham and AEW President Tony Khan were reportedly in a heated argument ahead of the match-up, and since Gresham has reportedly requested his release. Fightful Select's newest report reveals an update on the situation, saying that while the conversation between the two was heated, it didn't appear to burn any bridges. It also says that there were "at least three companies" interested in Gresham before he signed with AEW and ROH, and since he requested his release there are no current plans for him in AEW or Ring or Honor.

The argument was confirmed by both sides as "getting heated" privately, but AEW was reportedly happy with how the match between Gresham and Castagnoli went, and many respected Gresham's professionalism in continuing the match despite the issues beforehand.

While Fightful has reported Gresham requested his release, they have not yet received confirmation that AEW granted that release. Most recently it was revealed that Tully Blanchard would no longer be featured on AEW TV, and Blanchard was the leader of Tully Blanchard Enterprises, a faction that Gresham has recently joined after his heel turn.

The faction is now known as The Embassy, and Blanchard is for all intents and purposes no longer working with AEW it would seem. It's now known if Gresham had an issue with the switch, but in a previous interview he did reveal he hadn't spoken much with Khan after his purchase of ROH, and he was only told about his heel turn and joining Blanchard's faction the same night it happened. It remains to be seen what will happen with Gresham and Ring of Honor moving forward, but hopefully, we'll get some answers soon.

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