The Revival Respond to Report That They Asked for WWE Release

A major story came out this week relating to the future of former WWE tag team champions The Revival, Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson.

According to the reports, Wilder and Dawson have turned down WWE offers in the neighborhood of $700,000 per year and asked for their release as recently as last week. After numerous outlets reported the news on Friday, Dawson took to Twitter to seemingly address the story.

This is an obvious call-out to fans on both sides of the aisle. There has been a vocal contingent of fans on social media begging for The Revival to try their hand out elsewhere, believing WWE has under-utilized the team for years. Plus, there's the fact that The Revival and AEW's Young Bucks have had an ongoing war of the words for years that could finally result in a match.

On the flip-side, Dawson also addresses fans that want to see them stay with WWE, noting that they are being labeled "whiners" if they try something new. It seems like a no-win situation no matter which choice they make on their futures, according to Dawson.

We should know for sure what the future holds for the team in the next couple of months. Dawson's contract reportedly ends in April, while Wilder's contract will be up in June. WWE reportedly added some months to the time of Wilder's contract due to an injury he sustained where he wasn't able to perform. This is something WWE has done with other performers in the past as well.


During Friday night's edition of WWE SmackDown, The Revival took part in a fatal four-way tag team match to crown new number one contenders for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships. The bout was won by John Morrison and The Miz.

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