Rhea Ripley Retains WWE Women's World Title and Sends Message to NXT Superstar

Rhea Ripley retains her WWE Women's World Title and has some words for Lyra Valkyria on NXT

WWE Women's World Champion Rhea Ripley has been an avid supporter of NXT's Lyra Valkyria, and tonight Ripley would put Valkyria to the test by defending her Championship on NXT. Ripley's faith in Valkyria's abilities was well founded, as Valkyria gave the Judgment Day star everything she could handle, and wouldn't allow Ripley to hit the Riptide throughout the match. Valkyria seemed to have an answer for the move every time, and she threw Ripley off her game at several points. Ripley was able to catch her mid-move though, and that led to her finally connecting with the Riptide and winning the match, though she still had a message for the NXT superstar afterwards.

Ripley and Valkyria circled each other a bit before locking up, and Valkyria landed on her feet after Ripley lifted her up. Valkyria dodged Ripley's grapple but Ripley got her in a side headlock and then knocked the challenger down with a shoulder tackle. Valkyria then cut Ripley's legs out from under her and then stepped on the Champion's back, which greatly upset Ripley.

Valkyria kept Ripley on her heels, but then Ripley got control and slammed Valkyria's face into the turnbuckle before laying her shoulder into Valkyrie's stomach several times. A chop followed and then Ripley threw Valkyria into the corner but the challenger dodged the move. Valkyria then countered a move from Ripley that threw Ripley across the mat, but Ripley came back with a German Suplex and a dropkick that knocked Valkyria out of the ring to the floor.

Ripley stayed in control, knocking Valkyria to the mat and keeping the challenger from gaining any momentum, but Valkyria bought herself some space and a moment to regroup after she pulled Ripley's neck down on the ropes. When she rolled back in the ring though, Ripley met her with vicious kicks to the chest and stomach and then kicked her on the side of the head. Ripley then punched Valkyria in the back before throwing her into the ropes and hitting her in the back again.

Valkyria countered a move and landed on her feet, but before she could complete the move Ripley hit her in the face and then connected with a knee strike before hitting Judgement Day. Ripley went for the pin but Valkyria kicked out, which stunned Ripley. Ripley then went for the Riptide but Valkyria countered into a sleeper hold. Ripley threw Valkyria down and then hit her with a headbutt. Ripley dragged Valkyria into position and then went up top for a rare maneuver from the top turnbuckle. She homaged Eddie Guerrero in her taunt but Valkyria got to her feet and knocked Ripley down to the floor.

Then she went to hit Ripley, but Dominik got in front of the attack and took it for Ripley. Valkyria then kicked Ripley to the outside before going up top. Ripley caught her though and went for a Riptide again, but Valkyria countered with a DDT. Valkyria then hit the crossbody on Ripley and went for the cover, but Ripley kicked out.

Valkyria hit a big kick to the side of Ripley's head and then hit two more kicks to Ripley's chest. Valkyria hit a third one and then a dropkick to Ripley's leg, knocking her down. She missed a roundhouse kick though and Ripley lifted her, but Valkyria landed on her feet again. Valkyraia went for the springboard but then got caught by a vicious kick from Ripley, and Ripley finally hit the Riptide and got the pin and the win. Ripley is still your Women's World Champion.

Valkyria then grabbed Valyria's face and said "Prove me right and beat Jacy Jayne." Valkyria said she would. Even in a loss, Valkyria looked incredibly strong, and now she looks to prove Ripley right and beat Jayne.

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