Ric Flair Signs New WWE RAW Contract

The Monday Night RAW roster is getting a new addition, but you've already seen him on TV for some time.

That new addition is the legendary Ric Flair, who just signed a new full-time deal with WWE RAW (via SEScoops). That contract signing actually led to his recent appearance right after the incredible Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Flair match, where Sasha took the championship for the third time. Fans were surprised to see Flair holding up Sasha's hand after her victory, a move that will undeniably have ramifications when it comes to his daughter.

It will be interesting to see in what capacity they use Flair going forward. He already had a long stint as his daughter's pseudo-manager, with Charlotte bringing that to an end in grand fashion. They could always pair the two up yet again for another run, but another possible avenue is building off of the Flair appearance with Sasha.

Being spurned by his daughter could lead Flair to endorse her greatest rival, which would undoubtedly upset Charlotte to a great degree. Sasha would get a kick out of that as well, and if they are going to do at leat one more match together, it could be a great way to get into Charlotte's head.

Eventually, they could use the outcome of that match to bring both Flairs back to the same side and then could move from there to the Bayley feud which will likely follow.


This seems like a deal specifically designed for storyline options, and in that regard, it's probably not a bad decision. Monday Night RAW's problem though isn't lack of talent or personalities, it's the lack of fresh feuds week in and week out.

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