Rob Van Dam Reveals He Is Working With WWE On An Upcoming Project

Rob Van Dam is still active in the wrestling industry, and according to the man himself, you will be seeing him in a WWE project on the horizon. RVD first rose to prominence in the 1990s as part of ECW. When ECW went out of business, he became a star in WWE and even held the company's world championship at one point. He was a mainstay in the promotion from 2001 until 2007. At that point, he hit the independent circuit again and had his first run with TNA Impact Wrestling. After a brief return to WWE in 2013 and 2014, he hit the independent scene once again. He made his return to Impact last year.

While RVD hasn't spent a lot of time in the ring wrestling over the last few years, he mentioned during an interview with Pro Wrestling Junkies that he would be open to a return to WWE. He also talked about how there are other ways he could contribute to the industry outside of just wrestling between the ropes.

"I do watch them from time to time, mainly to help Katie (Forbes) out," Van Dam said. "I would consider anything as far as a contract goes, as long as everything made sense. It's easy for people to think of RVD as just a wrestler, but that's just something that I do. For the last several years, my total time in the ring is probably just a couple of hours - maybe 5, 10, 12 matches."

Despite not being employed by WWE at the moment, he then went on to reveal that he is working with the company on an upcoming project.

"Since I've joined Impact, I've been wrestling a little more," he continued. "I don't really look at it as, 'Oh man, I want to go here.' To be honest, I look at it as, 'Man, I'm glad I get the night off'. I watch these guys all work their a--es off and I just think that I'd be so winded if I was out there. But I would consider their offers and I'm actually going to be working with WWE on a couple of projects that haven't been mentioned yet."


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H/T to Sportskeeda for the transcript.