WWE SmackDown: Jey Uso Gets Short-Lived Revenge on Roman Reigns

Jey Uso got a short-lived revenge on Roman Reigns before being brutally shut down on WWE Friday Night SmackDown. With Braun Strowman moving over to Monday Night Raw as part of the WWE Draft this year, he got one more shot at Roman Reigns' WWE Universal Championship following the loss during the triple threat together with The Fiend Bray Wyatt. As part of the season premiere for Friday Night SmackDown, there was unfortunately no real build up to this rematch between the two juggernauts. This is especially prominent considering that Strowman is moving over to the other brand anyway, so fans were wondering if there was going to be another swerve involved.

When the main event for Friday Night SmackDown kicked off with nearly half an hour left to go in the program, there was all kinds of speculation as Roman Reigns defending his WWE Universal Championship against Braun Strowman in the kind of physically brutal match only these two are capable of when facing off against one another.

But what turned out to be only he first twist of the night is that their match was watched by several notable faces as part of the WWE Thunderdome including WWE Supersrars like Keith Lee, and former WWE superstars like Goldberg watching in attendance (as previously teased by Goldberg before the night of). What they watched, however, was quite the heated match and even more heated ending.

Strowman gave Roman Reigns a huge run for his money with a number of powerful hits, but Reigns ultimately won at the end of the day with a mix of sneaky low blows and powerful guillotine holds that ultimately led to Strowman tapping out. After this match, however, a second twist popped up as Jey Uso soon came out from backstage for a huge stare down.


Wanting to make an example of Strowman in front of Jey, he began to beat him down even more so as he tried to plead with Jey to keep from facing him during Hell in a Cell. Because if Reigns could continue to brutalize someone like Strowman in such a fashion, Reigns vows to do the same thing to his own family should Jey continue to be "out of line" in terms of recognizing him as the chief.

He even tells Jey to use the same chair he struck Strowman with, but when Jey refuses all Roman can do is laugh it off. Jey then decides to finally strike back, and then goes on to wail Reigns with the steel chair for a bit before the two of them are pulled apart by WWE officials. Reigns manages to deal some powerful final blows before walking away confidently knowing he's got to put his family down fairly soon.