Watch: Ronda Rousey Posts Backstage Footage of WrestleMania Injury

Not only did Ronda Rousey lose the WWE RAW Women's Championship at WrestleMania 35, she hurt her hand in the process.

Rousey was filming all weekend long behind the scenes for her YouTube channel, including footage of she and her mother as she attended her first wrestling show, Rousey meeting Joan Jett backstage during WrestleMania, as well as medical check-ups following the main event of the show.

The medical footage shows Rousey getting examined, after noting on camera that she believed that she had "broken my knuckle." In her words, the injury occurred when she caught her pinkie on an elbow. You can see the large bruise that has started to develop by this point and she starts to question whether the injury is simply just the knuckle. It was later revealed to be a broken hand.


In the video, Ronda goes through an X-Ray to diagnose the injury. They don't show a doctor giving her the diagnosis. Later, she walks around backstage and embraces both Triple H and Paul Heyman following the historic show.

Check out the entire vlog, including the backstage footage of Rousey's injury examination, below.