Ronda Rousey Laughs off Recent Raw Hairstyle

Since she's not a yet a full-time Superstar, WWE does their best to make Ronda Rousey's appearances unique. So far, WWE has utilized smashed tables, weird eye makeup, and impromptu crowd entrances to make us remember Rousey nights

But on this week's episode of Raw, WWE's efforts to make Rousey stand out was subjected to a little ridicule.

Rousey rocked a single braid that snaked around her scalp. Now we're not really in the business of critiquing women's hairstyles, but social media certainly is. And to prove she's a good sport, Rousey hung in there with some self-deprecating humor.

"Some of my personal favorite memes inspired by my hair and makeup last Monday [laughing emoji] @thisisbabe @heeezooo (I couldn't find the originals and didn't know who to tag, sorry!)," she wrote on Instagram.

ronda rousey hair instagram
(Photo: Ronda Rousey/Instagram)

As we all know, it only takes seconds for something to be named and apparently Rousey's inbox flooded with social media punchlines. Cheers to Rousey for handling it like a champ.

It may be a small example, but moments like this contribute to the overwhelming adoration of Rousey. Upon arriving, a significant chunk of WWE's fan base was ready to reject Rousey. However, her stellar performance at WrestleMania 34 instantly converted hoards of haters.

The anti-Rousey wagon filled up again when WWE announced she'd challenged Nia Jax for the Raw Women's Championship at Money in the Bank. Fans argued that it was too soon for Rousey to be champion as we all braces ourselves for the female version of Roman Reigns. However, WWE didn't crown Rousey at MITB, instead, they used Alexa Bliss to dump gasoline on the fire.

Rousey's match with Jax was exceptional. So good, in fact, that as it happened fans who were against Rousey at the opening bell were ready for her to capture WWE gold. So when Alexa Bliss stole that moment, she instantly created a SummerSlam beef with Rousey.

On this week's episode of Raw, Kurt Angle made that match official and on August 19, Rousey will meet Bliss for the Raw title.

This time, though, fans are universally eager to see Rousey become champion. While MITB did feel a little early, Rousey has proven that she carries an electricity that the few WWE Superstars can. And that type of talent usually makes for a great champion.


It certainly feels like Rousey will win in Brooklyn. However, WWE could be better off making her and fans wait. But it doesn't exactly matter when Rousey becomes Champion. Right now the bigger impression is that she's excelling as a WWE Superstar.