Ryback Believes Disney Will Buy WWE

Former WWE Superstar Ryback has never been afraid to speak his mind, but one of his comments from a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet has fans scrathing their heads. The former Intercontinental Champion has been gone from the company since 2016, but during the interview he explicitly predicted the future of the promotion would include Vince McMahon selling the company to Disney, citing the relationship it already has with the Fox Corporation via Friday Night SmackDown airing on FOX and WWE Backstage airing on Tuesday nights on Fox Sports 1. He then added that by selling the company, it would mean Triple H would not take over the creative direction of the entire WWE television product once McMahon steps down.

"I think there's something going on with Fox and Disney, and I think if they take over WWE at some point, which I firmly believe they will. 100%. That is my personal opinion," Ryback said (h/t Fightful for transcription). "I don't see [Triple H] sticking around like Vince. Just from stuff that I feel like I understand (and) what's going on," Someone has to take it over and they've gotten so big, it's going to take someone like that to run. Personally, they have dumbed down the product and made it very simple to run for a big corporation to takeover. Take out the psychology that made it and anyone can run it."

"Vince has already handed over to Fox on decisions, on SmackDown. It's already going on," he added. "He's never been like that before. I believe it's the first part in the process with the XFL coming up. Running a major football promotion, do you know how much time and effort that takes? I think it's the beginning steps of something bigger going on."

It's worth pointing out that while the Walt Disney Corporation acquired 21st Century Fox back in March, it does not mean WWE is directly working with Disney right now. Disney scooped up numerous properties and the corporation's entire film division, but it does not own the Fox Broadcasting Company (the FOX network) or the Fox Sports Media Group (which includes Fox Sports 1). All of that is owned by the Fox Corporation, also known as "New Fox."

All of that being said, if Disney chose to fork over the cash and buy the WWE, it certainly would have the means to