Sasha Banks (Mercedes Varnado) Teases Post-WWE Future and Music Project

Sasha Banks (Mercedes Varnado) is currently walking the runway alongside Naomi (Trinity Fatu) at New York Fashion Week, and she's continuing to stay busy since she reportedly departed WWE. She doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon either, and in a new interview with Ahch-To Radio, Varnado talked a bit about what her future holds in the realms of entertainment, acting, and music. While WWE fans hope to see her make a return to the ring, it remains to be seen if that will happen, even with Triple H now in charge of WWE Creative, but regardless of what happens with WWE, Banks is looking to do more things in the music world.

"There is so much that I'm creating right now. It's all under an umbrella," Varnado said. "I'm an actor, writer, producer, and extraordinaire entertainer. All within those realms, I'm doing something. You just have to stay tuned. You have a microphone, that's something big I want to do. Not podcasting, but music. I don't know if that's the number one next thing because acting...there are a lot of things coming up acting right now. I'm really starting to focus my mind around music and the music realm and being kind of a director in that space of creating a musical video piece."

Another possible project for Varnado is in the Star Wars universe, as she played Koska Reeves in season 2 of The Mandalorian. With season 3 on the way, many are hoping to see her make a return to the series, but nothing has been confirmed just yet. With how popular her character ended up becoming, odds are she will make some sort of return when season 3 finally comes around.

During our previous interview with Varnado, she revealed that while she loved Star Wars early on, her first love was actually Sailor Moon, and she would make sure to catch every episode even if it meant she needed to stay up all night.

"My first thing wasn't Star Wars, it was Sailor Moon. When I was maybe like five years old, I started watching Sailor Moon, and I had no idea of what time was or anything. It always came on at 6:00 AM in the morning, but I would stay up all night just because I would know it would come out sometimes dark, sometimes in the morning, I had no idea. But I had to stay up and watch my Sailor Moon because I thought I was just like Serena," Varnado said. "I was a meatball head, I was clumsy, I was always late for school, and she really taught me how to believe in myself, my own powers, and the powers of the universe and the moon. So still to this day, she is my favorite and I can't believe how much she's played a role in my life."

"But I remember watching Star Wars as a kid and loving little Anakin Skywalker because I was a kid as well, So don't think I'm a creep, okay? And he was so cute. I was like, 'Look at this little eight-year-old. I'm eight too. He is adorable. I wish he was my boyfriend.' And my brother used to love Darth Maul, so I used to paint his face for Halloween and put my little ninjitsu gi over his head and just wrap it around with the thing like, 'Okay, you're Darth Maul. Zoom, zoom, zoom. Go ahead.' Then I just loved, loved wrestling as a kid," Varnado said. "I wasn't a nerd for anything but WWE. That was my do our die over everything, as you can see. That was my choice of my profession, and as I can say, I am one of the greatest of all time, so it's just been such an incredible journey. I think the next on my bucket list has to be something with Sailor Moon. Then I'm going to be like, 'Oh, what?'"

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