Scott Hall Wants To Bring Managers Back To The WWE

(Photo: WWE)

The manager's role in the world of professional wrestling has always been a sacred one. From the likes of Paul Bearer to Paul Heyman, managers can be the essential part of the puzzle for a superstar to make or break it and get over with the fans. They are the mouthpiece for those less experienced, they are the heat factor or element of added mystique, but for the most part, they are currently absent from the landscape in the WWE.

In an interview with Total Wrestling Magazine, WWE Hall of Famer and professional wrestling bad boy Scott Hall addressed the issue stating how some performers just needed managers and how he thought Vince McMahon ought to bring them back.

"What I want to do is bring back managing in the wrestling business," Hall said. "Remember all the cool managers? My son Cody's bigger than me, so I can get away with it in WWE, Vince doesn't like the managers to be too big. But with Cody he's bigger so I can get away with it. It would be my goal, I encourage it." They had Ric [Flair] going out to the ring with Charlotte so there's still that thread of hope that I can do the same with Cody.

Hall added the fact that the WWE recently had Ric Flair going out to the ring with his daughter, WWE Raw Women's Champion Charlotte.

"There's still that thread of hope that I can do the same with Cody," he stated.


The Hall of Famer has made no bones about trying to get back in the good graces of the company and aiming in getting another on-air role, even if it's on NXT. His reputation might supersede any chances of that happening, but it's good to know that he wants to help his son progress any way possible.