Brock Lesnar Scheduled to Face Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 35

It is looking more likely that Seth Rollins will be elevated to the biggest position on the card at WrestleMania 35.

During Brock Lesnar's year-plus Universal Championship reign earlier this year, many fans who were pushing back against Roman Reigns being the eventual champion argued that Seth Rollins should instead be the man to take the strap from Lesnar.

Rollins is one of the best workers in the company and naturally over with the crowd, so the argument went, so he should be the natural choice to inherit Lesnar's pedastal atop the company. Plus, Rollins has previously been a very successful world champion for WWE.

According to a new report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Rollins will get his crack at Lesnar this spring at WrestleMania 35. Whether or not Lesnar will still be Universal Champion at that point remains to be seen, though the odds would seem high.

The report notes that Lesnar is not scheduled for a title defense at December's TLC and is next scheduled to defend the belt at January's Royal Rumble against Braun Strowman. If Lesnar gets through that match with the title in tow, it's not likely he will drop it before WrestleMania.

As it has been now for several years, the spot facing Lesnar at WrestleMania is one of the most coveted positions on the card and WWE currently slotting Rollins in for that role says a lot about his place in the WWE pecking order. The reigning Intercontinental Champion, Rollins is currently embattled in a feud with former Shield teammate, Dean Ambrose.

Conventional wisdom would suggest that Rollins will drop the Intercontinental Championship to Ambrose before moving into his feud with Lesnar. However, there's always the outside chance of a "champion vs. champion" angle that they could work with in a Lesnar vs. Rollins main event, similar to Hulk Hogan vs. The Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania VI.


Obviously plans took a major turn when it was revealed Roman Reigns would be away for an extended amount of time due to a battle with leukemia. The Observer report notes that Reigns and his medical situation could play a role in the storyline between Rollins and Lesnar.

Rollins and Lesnar have previously worked a championship program when Rollins was the WWE Champion back in 2015. The two faced off at Battleground that year, and Lesnar was victorious via DQ finish when The Undertaker appeared and attacked him.