Watch: Seth Rollins Calls out Kenny Omega, Bashes AEW

Seth Rollins is back to calling out WWE's competition publicly. During a panel at the Fandemic Tour in Houston over the weekend Rollins was asked by a fan if he'd like a WrestleMania match with Kenny Omega, one of All Elite Wrestling's top stars and a man many wrestling fans consider to be the best wrestler in the world today. Rollins brushed off AEW as being minor leagues, then teased the idea of a match with "The Best Bout Machine."

"When Kenny's done playing in the minor leagues over there, Kenny can come work at the absolute top professional wrestling company in the world, in front of the most people, and make the most money, and have the biggest matches, which is with me at WrestleMania," Rollins said with Becky Lynch by his side. Omega has yet to respond on social media.

This is far from the first time Rollins has knocked the young promotion. Over the summer he began defending WWE's product as the "best pro wrestling on the planet. Period." This eventually lead to a Twitter feud with New Japan's Will Ospreay that Rollins wound up apologizing for.

Then in the lead up to SummerSlam Rollins implied the company was trying to "take dinner off my table" during a media conference call.

"I was surprised by it for sure," Rollins said. "I knew Ambrose needed some time away from WWE but the thing is, he just loves wrestling, he loves the industry, he just wanted some freedom and do his own thing and that happens, you know? And that happens for everybody and I understand his position and why he wanted to go over there and that's on him.


"But, now he's competition, now he's the one trying to take dinner off my table so good on him but we're going to do our best to continue to be the best here at WWE and those guys want to step up to the big leagues to give it a shot? Then by all means but we're going to knock them dead just like we do everybody else," he continued.

Meanwhile despite being the reigning Universal Champion and top babyface on Monday Night Raw, Rollins hasn't been feeling the love as of late from the crowd. His Hell in a Cell match with Bray Wyatt back on Oct. 6 was overwhelmingly booed by the fans in attendance, and he received the same treatment after last week's Raw Dark match.