WWE Raw: Seth Rollins Tells Paul Heyman He Found Brock Lesnar's Weakness

Now that The Shield's weekend reunion tour is done, Seth Rollins is onto Brock Lesnar and WrestleMania 35. And Rollins may have just found The Beast's soft underbelly.

In a game of verbal tennis with Paul Heyman, Rollins reasoned that Lesnar struggled against smaller, quicker, more athletic opponents. Citing tight matches with AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, and Finn Balor, Rollins argued he's in an advantageous position compared to bigger guys like Braun Strowman (who Lesnar once unceremoniously destroyed). Rollin's logic was shrugged off by Heyman who said those matches with smaller athletes came on short notice, thus his client didn't have time to scheme.


But we're not buying that — Seth Rollins makes the better (kayfabe) point.

While professional wrestlers talking strategy is a little too ironic, it's nice to see WWE deviate from the traditional Brock Lesnar storyline. Before Rollins, Reigns spent five years telling us he'd turn the Universal Championship into a blue-collar title after Lesnar's light schedule. Rollins has certainly mentioned he'd be a better champ than Beast, but this new dialogue had substance. And it looked like Paul Heyman new it. The idea of Rollins using his athleticism will be a theme for this story, and if The Architect does enough of it, he'll be WWE's new king on April 7.