Steve Austin's Broken Skull American Lager Goes Nationwide This Week

Steve Austin announced that, in celebration of 3:16 Day coming up this Wednesday, his Broken Skull American Lager will be hitting stores nationwide. The lager is just the latest in Austin's partnership with El Segundo Brewing Company, which also produced Austin's Broken Skull IPA a few years back. The announcement is just one of many Austin and the WWE have in store for 3:16 Day, which will also include an Austin-centric episode of The Best of WWE on Peacock, Kevin Owens appearing on this week's The Bump and four new Austin t-shirts on WWE Shop. This classic black and white Austin 3:16 shirt will also be sold at a discount. 

Last week's Monday Night Raw ended with Kevin Owens throwing down the challenge for Austin to be his guest on The KO Show during Night 1 of WrestleMania 38. Austin responded the following morning with a promo.

"For 19 years I've had to live with that defeat knowing my time was up," Austin said. "Kevin Owens, I want to thank you for waking up something up deep inside me that I've kept buried for 19 years. Ever since you started running that damn mealy mouth of yours talking about the state of Texas, the great state of Texas, you got my attention. And why would you want to do that Kevin? I can think of two reasons. One, you are one dumb son of b—. Or two, you are looking to get your a— kicked by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Whether you want to call this a KO Show, a match, a fight, a brawl, whatever. I will guarantee you this, in Dallas, Texas, where I started my career at WrestleMania, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is going to open up one last can of whoopa— on you, Kevin Owens. And that's the bottom line because Stone Cold said so."

However, Jim Ross revealed on his latest Grillin' JR podcast that Austin wasn't apparently thrilled with what WWE had in store for him. There were reports floating around last month that WWE wanted Austin for a straight-up match, his first in 19 years, but The KO Show angle seems to have dropped that. 

"He and I have talked, but at the time we talked, he didn't know what he was going to do and he didn't sound overwhelmingly enthusiastic about it," Ross said. "People have to understand that Steve is a perfectionist. Even though he stays in great shape and he looks wonderful, especially for a guy his age, he looks great. He can do a photo shoot and it looks like that can be Steve from any era, but that's the athlete in him. He likes to train, eat right, and all those things.

"If he was going to wrestle at WrestleMania, and this is just me talking, I would suggest that it should have been decided six months ago, not only to build a story to that crescendo in Dallas at WrestleMania, but to give him time to train better and have more peace of mind. You know he's going to handpick his opponent," he continued. "Why wouldn't you let him handpick his opponent? If you're the promoter, all you do is you want him on the card so he will sell tickets or pay-per-views. I don't have a lot of optimism for it. I don't want to be a negative nelly, but he's not going to do it unless he thinks he can pull it off as something perfect, and I don't know that he can do that even in my mind or his mind with only a few weeks to prepare for it."