Stone Cold Steve Austin to Appear on WWE Raw Tonight Via Skype

It's been nearly a month since "Stone Cold" Steve Austin closed out the Raw Reunion special episode of Monday Night Raw. But WWE is planning on bringing "The Texas Rattlesnake" back to the Red Brand this week for a special appearance, only he won't be there in-person.

"One day after Seth Rollins slayed The Beast to recapture the Universal Championship from Brock Lesnar, 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin will give his reaction to the epic showdown tonight via Skype," wrote in its preview for this week's Raw from Toronto.

Given that Austin's new USA Network show Straight Up Steve Austin is set to premiere right after Raw, he'll likely also promote his new show during his appearance.

Austin's new show was first announced back in May.

"Today, USA Network announced the pickup of STRAIGHT UP STEVE AUSTIN, a unique interview-based series hosted by retired WWE legend 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin," a press release announcing the show read. "The seven-half hour episode series, produced by Wilshire Studios with Steve Austin and Dave Barsky ('Dirty Jobs') as executive producers, will air on USA Network on Mondays at 11/10c following WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW, beginning August 12.

"In each episode, Austin and a celebrity guest swap stories about their lives and careers during one-of-a-kind custom-tailored adventures in different cities across America. In this unique interview format, there's no studio, no couch and no cue cards -- just a straight up good time and some good old-fashioned American fun," the release continued.

Guests on the show will include Becky Lynch, Trace Adkins, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Baker Mayfield, Gabriel Iglesias, Rob Riggle and Sal Vulcano.

Leading up to the show's premiere Austin gave an interview with The Wrap where he graded Kevin Owens' usage of his Stunner finisher.


I would give it a B+," Austin said. "I'm a huge K.O. fan, but I've seen a couple of the deliveries that have been a little off."

"He's timing it up and he's coming up — he's got a little bit of a different finesse to it than I did," he continued. "But I soon think he'll achieve A to A+ status if practice makes perfect, and they gotta let him turn that thing loose."