Which WWE Champion Is Most Likely to Lose Their Title at SummerSlam?

SummerSlam is upon us and WWE, in all its graciousness, drew up a pretty nice card for the August [...]

SummerSlam is upon us and WWE, in all its graciousness, drew up a pretty nice card for the August 19 mega show. Per custom, every single one of WWE's championship belts will be on the line and I thought it'd be worth handicapping each of the title matches. Admittedly, I only did the singles titles. And I did skip the Cruiserweight belt. So, forgive me, Cedric.

For the rest of them though, I'm using a likelihood scale of 0-5. Since this is about title holders losing their belts a "5/5" means I'm putting my mortgage on that result. Anyway, here we go:

I'm having a hard time conjuring up a scenario where Shinsuke Nakamura loses his United States Championship to Jeff Hardy. Nakamura has arguably ha the most tumultuous year in WWE. As a Royal Rumble winner, WrestleMania heel turner, and lose of four consecutive WWE Championship matches, it looks like Nakamura was handed the US Championship as a consolation prize. That said, WWE veering away from him in Brooklyn would be an early signal he'll be leaving next year. I'm not sure anyone is ready to make such a decision and think Nakamura will win easily in Brooklyn.

Odds Nakamura drops US Championship to Jeff Hardy: 0/5

Not long ago it seemed impossible to fathom Carmella leaving the Barclays Center as SmackDown Women's Champion. However, now that Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair are teasing something explosive, Carmella may be able to sneak out this victory. I'll be rooting for Lynch but I think she's the official underdog in this one. However, the idea of Charlotte Flair winning may provide the best options moving forward. Either way, I think Carmella has a decent shot of retaining.

Carmella keeps her title? Maybe: 3/5

Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler should have a pretty fun match, but all eyes will be on Dean Ambrose. The freshly returned Lunatic could just as easily cost Rollins his Intercontinental opportunity as help him secure the prestigious belt. As friends or enemies, I think Rollins and Ambrose will go on a joint post-SummerSlam journey, leaving Ziggler to protect his title from an ambitious Drew McIntyre.

I see Rollins' chances as slim to become the new Intercontinental man: 2/5

I'm a little worried about AJ Styles and Samoa Joe's WWE Championship match. On a card that is stacked, the SmackDown belt typically gets a weird spot. Even though these are world-class wrestlers with plenty of story to tell, I think this match may be simple in favor of setting up a bigger one at Hell in a Cell. That means Styles retains.

Chances Samoa Joe becomes king in Brooklyn: 1/5

Vince McMahon and Co. have done a remarkable job in turning Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar into something we want to see — despite it being their third installment of 2018. Even more, Reigns' assumed victory doesn't feel like the guarantee that it was two weeks ago. On Wednesday a report indicated that Lesnar will meet with WWE officials in the hours before SummerSlam, presumably to discuss his future with the company. That might be disinformation, but regardless, doubt has been cast on the main event's result.

I still think it's likely Reigns wins — we won't even get into convoluted cash-in talk — as WWE has spent three years building this moment. So if not at SummerSlam, when does Reigns take his throne?

Chances Reigns nabs the Universal Championship: 4/5

I can't guarantee Reigns pins Brock Lesnar, but I'm willing to bank that Ronda Rousey becomes Raw Women's Champion. As great as Alexa Bliss is, I'm just not seeing enough justification to keep her on the top right now. With the MITB screw job still fresh, it just doesn't feel like Rousey will be denied again. And for anyone saying she isn't ready, WWE trusted her enough to honor Jim Neidhart in Raw's opening segment — she's ready.

There is the outside chance WWE waits till Evolution to crown Rousey, but SummerSlam is too big of a stage to deny. I have a hunch that Nia Jax will get involved by that may be only to dramatize Rousey's win.

Bliss will drop her title to Rousey: 5/5