Here's Who Is On Team SmackDown For Survivor Series So Far

With the WWE Suvivor Series in just over three weeks, both Team Raw and Team SmackDown for the men and women's rosters is starting to come into focus. After Raw revealed several members of their teams on Monday night, SmackDown followed suit this week.

In the first match of the night, Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler collided to become the first member of the men's Team SmackDown. After a very competitive match that included Robert Roode being tossed from ringside, Kevin Owens won the match following a Stunner.

In the second match of the night, Natalya, Billie Kay, and Bianca Belair battled in a triple threat for a chance at becoming the first member of Team SmackDown's women's team. Late in the match, Natalya locked Billie Kay in the Sharpshooter and looked to have the match nearly won. However, Belair stormed in from outside the ring where she had been recovering and threw Natalya into the corner. She then turned around and soon hit the KOD (Kiss of Death) and covered Billie Kay for the pinfall.

Later, Daniel Bryan wrestled his first singles match in several months when he took on Jey Uso for a chance to be on Team SmackDown. Earlier in the show, Roman Reigns and Uso came face to face for the first time since their Hell In A Cell Universal Championship match. Reigns declared that Uso would bow down to him and fall in line.

Bryan's last singles match was back on May 26th when he wrestled AJ Styles in the finals of the WWE Intercontinental Championship Tournament. He did wrestle in an eight-man tag team match last Friday night on SmackDown.


Bryan and Jey had a very good match in the main event slot of SmackDown. Roman Reigns came down during the middle of the match and watched on from ringside. After his segment with Jey Uso earlier in the show, the question would be whether Uso would bend the knee to him after the match. In the end, Uso defeated Bryan clean in the middle of the ring following an Uso Splash to official become the second man to qualify for Team SmackDown.

Afterwards, Jey and Roman were in the ring when Jey told him "I'm with you." Roman gave a look to Bryan, and Jey then hit him with a superkick and another Uso Splash. Jey screamed "I understand now!' to Roman. Roman told him to make Bryan understand. Uso took Bryan to the outside, positioned him on the announce table, and jumped with an Uso Splash from the top rope through the announce table onto Bryan. Uso then took out Bryan with several punches on the table wreckage as Roman smirked in the ring and walked off as the show ended.